A huge wave of hope [May 21, 2021]


« GRAND ORAL » : How to deliver an effective and persuasive speech ?


As part of the “diversity and inclusion” chapter  in English class, we studied different speeches like Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy’s timeless speeches on civil rights and poverty, as well as those delivered by Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Emma Watson or Greta Thunberg. Thus, for the final task, we delivered a speech about the importance of youth for society  today and  in the future.

This rhetorical exercise enabled us to put what we  studied into practice to convince an audience, namely to succeed in combining optimism, conviction, dynamism, intonation and intensity variations, literary devices, references, fluency, breath control, eye-contact,  body language and stable posture. These elements (of form and substance) enable us to make a more convincing and persuasive speech and to prepare ourselves for the final oral exam.

We found this experience very stimulating and enriching. Moreover, it gave us the opportunity to practice discourse strategies and rhetorical devices, which allow us to enthrall an audience. We may use it again in the future. Good viewing !

Célia Corbin, Apolline Loiseau and Alexandre Porchet


Crédit photo :  Robert F. Kennedy - Echoes of 1968

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